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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 12, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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speed he was talking. he was talking very quickly. >> reporter: facebook calmed
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concerns that zuckerburg would not sell shares for a year. >> i think it is losing its luster. >> reporter: zuckerburg is convinced that facebook has a future, his focus is on mobile usage and advertising. >> i live on my mobile device. we will be doing killer stuff there. >> reporter: ruled out facebook launching its own phone, and the interview gave the stock a bump in after hours trading. back to you. >> he is focusing on the long term vision and encouraging investors, let's look at it down the road. 20 years from now. there is a good point if it will make a bounce maybe now is a good time to buy. i have $19 i can spare. >> $19 you got that change. >> in change. overseas, a major story unfolding in libya this morning. an american diplomat is dead after militants attacked the consulate in benghazi. the attackers fired automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades at the consulate as they clashed with libyans hired to guard the facility.
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a fire set by militants destroyed one of the buildings. the attack in libya and this protest in cairo were triggered by a new film critical of the prophet mohamed, even claiming he was a pedophile. the u.s. is on alert. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is working with other governments to ensure that american interests and people are protected. the white house is downplaying reports of a rift between the u.s. and israel over iran's nuclear ambitions. president obama and israeli minister netanyahu, speaking by they agreed to continue close consultations over iran. this unusual late-night announcement from the white house comes after netanyahu criticized the obama administration over the iran policy. >> the u.n. has just found new intelligence showing iran is moving toward nuclear weapon capability. and, there are reports from israeli media that netanyahu was trying to set up this meeting with president obama, lateren
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the month. even offering to come to d.c. at president obama's discretion. and, the white house declined it. but, a lot of people think, because this, information is now been disseminated he will make time. >> you would think so. a bit of a big squeeze, israel is putting the pressure on the obama administration not doing this privately, coming out, showing their frustration with him. they say, with the election year, republicans contended president obama is not really a friend of israel. this is something they are going to hit upon. >> a source says the relationship has been strained. we know publicly. one source says it is not warm and fuzzy between. >> i can't see it being any warmer or fuzzier after this. >> not at all. the presidential race goes into high gear after candidates took a one-day break to mark 9/11 anniversary. mitt romney attending two events in jacksonville, florida, florida where he is spending majority of tv advertising now. paul ryan is in wisconsin. president obama flying to las vegas.
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joe biden is in dayton, ohio. as for the 9/11 anniversary here in new york, traditional tribute in light is stretching into the overnight sky from the original footprint of the world trade centers. about 1,000 people, mostly victims' families and survivors gathered there yesterday. the names of the victims were read out. for the first time, no elected officials made comments. it was just family only. kerry kennedy hired new legal team to fight an impaired driving charge following a car accident. kennedy daughter of robert f. kennedy told police she may have accidentally taken a sleeping pill instead of thyroid medication. a suburban new york judge agreed to adjourn her case until november to give her new attorneys time to review the case. some sports headlines, and first hockey, a lockout of national hockey league, rather, players, is looming. negotiations between the players and owners set for today and tomorrow in new york. the current labor deal expires saturday. if there is no agreement this time it would be the league's
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fourth labor dispute since 1992. definitely don't want to seep this happen it would be detrimental to the nhl. a wonderful sport. cheating scandal at harvard may have a direct impact on sports teams. published reports say the co-captain thousands of harvard's basketball are implicated in the scandal and both may be forced to withdraw from the school. other athletes, football players, also among those implicated. harvard administrators will not comment publicly about this scandal. jeremy lin, most famous recently out of harvard. a look at your weather. flooding monsoons. showers, around denver, des moines, minneapolis. pop up showers along the gulf coast. in florida, or lane land laland. 70s in the northern rockies and northern plains. 90s in the sut west. all right. a follow up to aster that we told you about, way back in may. you might remember, tanner the
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golden retriever and his best bud, blare. tanner is blind. blare lead him around by the leash. >> after the story aired dozens of families across the country volunteered to adopt them. now tanner and blair are together with the sibley family of jenks, oklahoma. >> tanner used to have seizures since becoming buddies with blare, he no longer has them. they're all good. love it. shows you the power of having a friend. a little interaction and love. >> so great they got adopted together. can't separate the two. great stuff. >> nas to have somebody on your side. >> rob is missing all the animal stories. my goodness. probably happy about that. >> he is devastated. >> coming up, 7 inch stilettos, own of those? 6 the max? >> six. >> and more than a fashion statement. they're a crime fighter. little seen price increases at the supermarket and how even a kid can spot the sneaky
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techniques that could cost you a lot of money. you are watching "world news now". ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by no-no hair removal.
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♪ 11 years ago the world was coming to grips with the terror attacks in new york, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. you are looking live at pictures where the world trade centers once stood. >> the beautiful shot. the light where the twin towers stood. red, white and blue, almost fully constructed world trade center site over manhattan. it will be called one world trade center. it was built very close to the
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old footprints of the twin towers. >> and from ground zero to pennsylvania and points in between it was the day to remember such unforgettable acts of terrorism and all of the innocent lives lost. >> this is how the nation paid respects and commemorated 9/11. ♪ [ bell rings ] [ "taps" plays ] ♪
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♪ my mama told me you better shop around ♪ >> great music choice there. well, a poorly kept secret at the supermarket -- food come pans would rather shrink their products and raise prices we are on to them now. >> yeah. there is a sneaky trick to trick shoppers, a kid can even figure
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it out. >> hi. >> reporter: jared goodman is half teenager, half shopping sleuth. >> a difference, they're both $7.99. >> reporter: he scours grocery stores, catching big brands making product smaller for the same price. he has uncovered a surprising clue. >> i usually look for labels that say new and improved. it means the item has been downsized. >> reporter: jared is part of an army of shoppers that tip off this man, founder of >> we lost 12 tissues. >> reporter: we find 14 products that have gotten smaller. including maxwell house coffee. >> good to the last drop. >> reporter: the last drop comes a lot sooner these days. the old can made 270 cups, the new one, same price, makes just 240. pillsbury cake mixes recently shrank by 3 ounces. when we followed the
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instructions for making cup cakes. the old mix makes 24. at the same price, the new barely stretches to make 21. >> brawny never lets you down. >> reporter: check this out, you used to get another 4 1/2 feet for the same price. we asked the manufacturers what they're doing? they told us customers prefer smaller products to higher prices. and remember that tip from our 13-year-old detective. >> it says new and improved. >> reporter: he's right when a product says new and improved there is no legal definition of that claim. so it often means smaller, but just as expensive. >> just don't seem right. brings us to our facebook question of the day. >> with shrinking product and increasing prices what is your money saving advice at the supermarket. log on to share with us. we'll be sharing some of your tips. >> this has been going on for a
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while. cereal boxes. cereal runs out quick. cereal is not cheap. >> no like $8 a box now. >> people who bake have recipes and such, for instance, pumpkin pie recipe, calls for 16 ounce of pumpkin, a 14 ounce can. they ahave to adjust. >> you bake? >> you have a book, what you open up a can. >> open up a can of -- >> of whoop -- >> of whoop. >> check you out, paula. paula, if i bumped into you at the produce aisle. >> out of my way. >> that's not what my cart looks like. embarrassed at costco, ham, bacon, egg, cheese, steak, meat. >> my goodness. had your cholesterol tested lately? >> yesterday. >> are you okay? >> i don't know yet. >> clearly i am not. >> you are doing fine. >> paula is a little jittery today. >> too much caffeine.
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>> nervous and excited to work next to you. >> that must be it. >> 7 inch stilettos, a fashion item and fight crime.
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all right, time for "the mix." paula you have been feeling under the weather, not quite feeling right. maybe working too much. >> hormones and being a woman. being a woman kind of stinks. >> being a man is not so good either if you work over eight hours. for men or women. if you work over eight hours you increase your -- you increase -- i'm working to hard. you increase your risk of heart attack by -- 80%. according to >> really? >> 22,000 people from around the world, 12 studies, all the studies from 1958 find if you work more than eight hours, you get an 80% greater risk of heart
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disease. and the size of the increase varied depending on how each study was carried out. a pretty frightening stat. >> it is. you know what else is a killer? >> literally. >> these babies, they're not mine, ginger zee my office mate. i wouldn't be able to walk in these. these were a weapon in laredo, texas, a man tried to rob a liquor store, two female employees were able to retrieve his weapon with beating him with 7-inch stilettos. in san francisco, a woman pummelled a guy with her $6,000 pair of christian louboutins. >> i just like seeing them on. i don't want to be beaten with them. not saying that. are we moving on? >> i don't know. >> do you have anything to say about the stiletto? >> want to try them on? >> definitely not. >> you try them on. will they fit? >> no, anastasia from
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cinderella. >> breast cancer awareness, see baseball players, they'll swing the pink bats, and the wristband, pink. >> shoes. >> courtesy of atlantic city, a youth football coach in the garden state, getting backlash, one of his players wanted to honor his mother wearing pink gloves during the football game. >>en know se einnocent enough. >> wearing pink, breast cancer, support his mom. didn't go so well. he wound up leaving the team. the coach said it is a communication problem. >> right. >> they would allow it has to be done under the right set of circumstances. >> in october. >> hopefully they will work this out. >> all right, this story is a little frightening, from the "sherwood observer" a woman breaks up with her boyfriend 12 years ago. goes to jail for drugs. a year ago he came to make improvement to the house. over the weekend noticed, nails and insulation falling, he was living in her attic. >> the boyfriend. >> broke up 12 years ago living
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in the attic. she
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this morning on "world news now" -- a developing story. a controversial film sets off a firestorm igniting violence against u.s. embassies in the arab world. >> this morning one american is dead, another is wounded. it is wednesday, september 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. >> i'm john muller. rob is on assignment. we'll get to the latest on the anti-american attacks in just a moment. first remembering the victims of 9/11. a subdued commemoration marks 11 years since nearly 3,000 americans were killed. how this year was different than others. a soldier who fought for our
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freedom received a gift that gives him back a little bit of his own freedom. a moving story. we asked you to ask us anything, our new segment, the "world news now" "in box" we respond to your questions about caffeine intake, curlers, and more. i made the curlers up. >> i am the picture of health. >> aren't you? in your curlers there. betty crocker. a >> they look good. >> jittery. saw the caffeine. >> i had a big venti myself. >> yes. details on the developing story in libya. >> an american diplomat after the u.s. consulate in benghazi was set on fire by militants. we learned there were ten employees inside the building when 20 attackers stormed the consulate under the cover of darkness. even hours after the incident, not all emplyioyees have been accounted for and the consulate is not secure. at take and similar one in egypt may be linked to an american
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made film critical of prophet muhammad. >> reporter: hundred of angry demonstrators descended on the american embassy in cairo. then word of another attack, this time at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. one american killed. another was hurt. they're believed off to be connected. protestors in both places furious about a movie which appears to have been made in america that they say insults the prophet muhammad. beyond the insults, any depiction of mohamed is forbidden. in cairo some scaled the high walls pulling down an american flag ripping it to shred. others waved black flags that looked look those of al qaeda. one man scaled a flagpole. the new movie promoted by florida pastor terry jones who infamously burned a koran in 2010. in a statement, jones said the movie is, not designed to attack muslims but to show the destructive ideology of islam.
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they have to arrest this priest, this christian protestor said. the embassy knew something was brewing after they were sent parts of the film asking about their involvement, the ambassador and most of the staff left the complex ahead of the protest. then they put out a statement condemning, the continuing effort by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. the protests in cairo quieted the american embassy there tells us all their personnel are safe and accounted for. this film, while it was not produced by this controversial pastor, he is promoting it. and claims that prophet mo mouhd was a pedophile, and the situation has calmed down according to martha raddatz they haven't account ford everyone
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and haven't secured the consulate in libya. an islamic extremist group claimed responsibility. >> this shows shifting ground in the middle east, days gone by, american allies, dictatorships would have put these revolts down. a different scenario. >> secretary of state hillary clinton completely issued a statement, she said there is never any justification for violent acts of this kind. although our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. no tolerance from the secretary of state. >> see how it pans out. in just a few hours, the so-called tribute in light here in new york city will fade into day light. when those two beams of light that stretch skyward from ground zero can't be seen any more another year of honoring the victims of 9/11 attacks will be over. abc's t.j. winick takes a look at yesterday's commemorations. >> reporter: we al remember where we were 11 years ago when we first heard the news. >> look it happened yesterday. just as painful.
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>> reporter: at point lookout, long island, where residents gathered to look at the burning towers on 9/11. messages are left to those who died that day. dawn haskell lost her two brothers. >> it's tough to revisit it all the time like this. but we always like coming here. it is very special. >> reporter: at ground zero in lower manhattan, loved ones gathered around the two memorial pools where the twin towers once stood. >> all of these people are now my family. and so, to be with my family it is very comforting. >> reporter: for the first time on a 9/11 anniversary, only the name of the victims were read here, there were no official speakers. >> we did the same thing for ten years. it's team to do something different. >> reporter: in afghanistan where the fighting continues over a decade later, u.s. troops mark the terror attacks at a memorial service. remembrances were held in the field in shanksville, pennsylvania where flight 93 crashed. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience,
3:06 am
for at least an instant, the terror of that moment returns. >> reporter: and at the pentagon, where flight 77 slammed into the building. >> some where, a son is growing up with his father's eyes. and a daughter has her mother's laugh. living reminders that those who died are with us still. >> reporter: according to "the new york times," documents show the u.s. was given more warnings about potential terrorist attacks in the weeks leading up to 9/11 than have previously been disclosed. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> as chicago teachers prepare to strike for a third consecutive day, the head of the union says both side are still miles apart. after spending much of the day discussing teacher evaluations the union signed off of six of 39. parents with their kids showed support for the teachers joining them on the picket lines. there are a lot of parents out
3:07 am
there that want, the teachers, to pay for this. because, ultimately, they're not happy. and the student are the ones that are ultimately suffering in all of this. >> no matter what side you agree on, everybody wants the kids to get back to school. they're the one whose are really suffering. and the mayor says, the talks are set to resume at 11:00 a.m. the he said the streak was avoidable and -- the strike was avoidable and they could do negotiations without a strike. >> the union chief says she does not believe anything will be accomplished wednesday either. do want to clarify. we mentioned yesterday average teacher salary in chicago. 13.7 years of experience. according to the board of education, not $76,000, it is about $71,200 a year. and really that sticking point was the teacher evaluation issue. whether or not they should be evaluated at the end of the year based upon the kids' performance in the classroom. >> this is a microcosm what is happening across the country. everybody keeping an eye on it.
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let's talk about facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, investors seemed to tlook whlike what he say. stock was up, $19.43, up 3.4% acht far cry from the $38 initial public offering in may. speaking at a tech conference in san francisco, zuckerberg appeared optimistic. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing. right. and we care about our shareholders. and the commitment that we made is that well are going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected. and we are going to do the things that we think are going to build value over the long term. >> zuckerberg pledged not to sell any facebook shares for at lest another year. he said he is focusing on mobile usage and advertising. >> i think he can afford not to sell the shares. >> what about the t-shirt? >> that's the style. a former banker who helped a colleague hide money from the
3:09 am
irs is more than $100 million richer thanks to the federal government. birkenfeld received the largest whistle blower award ever for helping expose a tax evasion scheme by a swiss bank. 2005 he discovered the bank was helping wealthy americans hide money from the irs. two years later he told federal agents that led to the bank being fined $780 million. ubs was forced to reveal the name of 5,000 americans with secret overseas accounts. >> $100 million blowing the whistle. >> i will blow the whistle. >> that is a lot of money. i wouldn't blow the whistle on you. $100 million. not $1 million. >> my goodness, gracious. something decidedly lighter. the morning version of the odd couple comes to us. >> is this us? >> no, this is a different odd couple. the folks from the cincinnati zoo provided this. >> savannah and max are hanging out, running around.
3:10 am
savannah, a small cheetah. max is a 13 week old lab mix. >> max is a bit bigger than savannah. faster too. she gets pushed around when they're playing. pretty soon though she will be way too fast and too big for max. you got to love that. >> a great zoo by the way. i lived in cincinnati for a little bit. >> the dog is faster than the cheetah. >> the cheetah will think it is a dog. >> or the dog will think it is a cheetah. >> as long as they keep on getting along. see, cats and dogs can cohabit. >> there is hope for us all. coming up, costly image consultants for college freshman. who is paying? and why? a high-tech dream house for a severely injured veteran who made this amazing place possible. you will find out all about it on "world news now." ♪ ♪ life used to be so hard now everything is easy because of you ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lime away.
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♪ our house ♪ is a very very fine house
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>> really should be our favorite story of the day. what a gift for a military veteran who lost so much while at war in afghanistan. >> a high-tech dream house for a marine corporal in southern california. as kabc's rob mcmillan, a hollywood actor was among those who made this dream come true. >> reporter: a 9/11 tribute for a wounded warrior. 28-year-old marine corporal juan dominguez lost both legs and right arm when a roadside bomb exploded in afghanistan. a number of organizations stepped forward to pay for his new home. >> i would look to present you with this key to your beautiful new home. >> yes! >> reporter: what makes this home so special. well it all starts here at the front door. all you have to do is push the handle and the door opens by itself. and that is just the beginning. >> i don't have to mess with a hot plate and bring it down, now, i have something that i can put it in. it is a lot safer this way.
3:16 am
>> an el va evator to get to th second floor, toilet lid, with motion sensors and cabinetry descend when needed. almost everything can be controlled by his ipad. >> the lighting, the shade they lower, raise, and even form slats to let in a little light. >> reporter: all of the features cost about $50,000. here though, they're all being donated, along with the home itself, to the family. >> to see him receive the key and, and know that, we played a little part in that, that is a good feeling. >> the chance to go everywhere inside my house, upstairs, downstairs, every bathroom, every, every room, it's awesome because it is, it doesn't feel lech like a prison like my house currently, i have the freedom to run around the house. >> reporter: so freedom for juan dominguez after he has given so much for ours. this is rob mcmillan for abc news.
3:17 am
so tragic. he fell down an embankment, landed on a buried bomb, that was back in 2010, and lost three limbs >> then the smart home. a collective effort from the gary sinese foundation you heard speak, and the foundation, a new york fire fighter who passed away, 9/11. the smart home cost $600,000. kudos to both foundations. >> beautiful home. he deserves every bit. >> we need to do more for the vets. maybe not government, but private foundations, people coming together helping those who sacrificed their lives and everything for our safety. >> great story. >> uh-huh. coming up this week's edition of "world news now" "in box." >> oh, no, you asked us about our caffeine intake and what we do during the commercials which is kind of private. you will find out all about it next.
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>> all right, wednesday, team to open the "world news now" "inbox" you have been asking us questions in the special area of facebook fan page. wednesdays providing, trying to, the answers. >> we should call this pandora's box. >> once it opens it never stops. >> you don't want to know what us inside. fabian asked, how much coffee, red bull, do you drink, ingest, be honest? >> a no-brainer. >> well, a lot. >> i don't do the red bull. i am an old-fashioned coffee guy. you drink that stuff? >> in the office. for me this is about survival. i have two kids. i don't get much sleep. got to down it. i drink usually a starbuck's. >> chug-a-lug that thing. >> i tried five-hour energy. it was foul. disgusting. >> make you nervous and fidgety. >> i'm shaking.
3:20 am
>> you are fidgety. >> one, good to go. >> got to have a red bull. i will be contacted by a doctor soon. little coffee. there you go. >> that's why you are shake. >> shake. my eyes. >> who brought you that this morning? >> you bought me this. i love it. i need to find a healthier fix. >> or limit it to two out of four. >> let a say. survival. listen, i don't have all of these typically. but i do have. i have entirely too much caffeinen one d ein one day. helps me get through. >> got to do what you got to do. >> our next question, follow-up about our caffeine intake. >> the question from sylvia, she asks have you had to go to the bathroom while the show was airing? >> pretty much all the time. >> if you only knew what happened in commercial breaks. k i drank this and stay hydrated with water. i got to go. >> you got to go. >> i'll time you.
3:21 am
>> go. all right, go. >> paula is running upstairs. a big new york city building the she has two flights to get up. they're very steep. the bathroom top of the second set of stairs. >> if i am injured, just remember. >> getting kind of lonely. >> you can hold down the fort. >> how are you doing? >> hear your footsteps. >> a moment of silence as i go tinky, okay. >> wait for it. wait for it. [ toilet flushing ] >> payoff. >> wash your hand, paula. >> you know. it's sterile, right? >> got to get back. i won't be high-fifg yving you. >> has to be the fastest run. >> this is a round trip. 47, 49. make it under a minute. you got 9 second. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
3:22 am
>> you made it under a minute. i will high-five you though you didn't wash your hand. there you go. cooties. nice job. see you in a little bit. >> thank you. >> that was good. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles
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plenty of gain, without all that pain... with olay. ♪ i'm watching i'm watching i'm watching american television ♪ >> people clearly hate football as you saw with the ratings. >> i love football. >> kidding. they're killing it. finally, job-seekers often pay consultants to help them look and sound their best for interviews. >> now incoming, college sorority hopefuls, can you imagine, paying a high price to get a fashion edge for rush week. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: for decade college women have competed to get into sororities, famous with the beautiful houses depicted in
3:26 am
hollywood film. this girl's answer, samantha von sperling, an image consultant. >> tank top, necklace, skirt. >> reporter: von sperling charges $300 an hour to coach young girls. >> accessorize! >> reporter: while she coaches clients from her manhattan office, pat and marlena, coach in alabama. their business is the 21st century answer to finishing school. >> every young woman need somebed to edify her and uplift her. that's what we are doing. >> reporter: among the rush dos and don't for rush week. do bring an emergency kit, makeup and a rain slicker so the party dress isn't ruined in a downpour. do know your audience. in the south, wearing black is a no-no. and lily pulitzer dresses are a
3:27 am
plus. don't forget good grades and extracurricular activities. does a young woman need a consultant to get her into a club. sorority sisters we spk oke to said no way. >> girls shouldn't feel it is necessary to pay to get into a sorority. girls will be fine if they act like who they are. >> reporter: as for ari, two weeks after packing her bags she skyped to share the big news. >> i am a new member of the sorority at chapman the i am so excited. a dream come true. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> cinder block walls. remember those? >> all the wardrobe guidelines. oh, make sure you are not dumb. make sure you get good grade. >> if you are, get smart fast. >> wear your hair in pig tails. >> nice, paula. >> somebody will think it is a picture of me. >> that's smoking. i take credit for that. >> i'll give you a poster for your room. can you sign it.
3:28 am
spray some perfume on it.
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this morning on "world news now" -- developing news out of libya. a state department worker is dead, killed in a violent attack on a u.s. consulate. u.s. diplomats are on alert in that region. and the situation is being called a very dangerous one as a new day dawns in the region. it is wednesday, september 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm john muller. >> good morning, everybody, i'm paula faris. we will get to the developing news in just a moment. but, first, 9/11 remembered. how new york city, pennsylvania, and the nation's capital marked a solemn day. a bit differently than they have in year's past. this is my first time actually
3:31 am
being in new york city on the anniversary, and, very, very somber mood in the city today. >> absolutely. also this morning, americans spent more than $1 billion on a popular health supplement, a prominent new study shows that fish oil may just be as effective as snake oil. we'll tell you about that. >> snake oil? >> snake oil salesman, you know the expression, doesn't do anything? >> i am just kidding. >> suckered me again. >> i know what you are talking about. >> i hate when that happens. how a simple toast by kate middleton sparked rumors of an heir to the british throne. a big headline for royal watchers. and it is all -- >> stealing the headlines left and right. >> she is supposed to procreate within the first year. if you are a royal. >> all right. first, more on the developing story overnight in libya. a state department staffer apparently died of smoke inhalation after the u.s. consulate in benghazi was set on fire, much of the building was destroyed. >> a senior u.s. official says they're on alert throughout the region fearing that there is
3:32 am
more to come. this attack and one in neighboring egypt were set off by a new film critical of the prophet muhammad. >> now this was the scene in cairo as hundreds of protestors marched to the u.s. embassy there gathering outside the walls, chanting against the movie and u.s. some scaled the embassy walls, pulling down an american flag and ripping it to shreds. others waved black flags, looked like those of al qaeda, the situation appeared to calm overnight. stay with abc news. our team is following developments in the region. we will continue to update you on "america this morning" and "good morning america." moving on to smaller and more scaled back ceremonies for those that were tragically killed in the 9/11 terror attacks. here in new york the tribute in light soared to the sky from the site of the original world trade centers. earlier about 1,000 members of victims' families gathered at ground zero and listened as the names of those who died there
3:33 am
were read. >> it's tough to revisit it all the time like this. but we always like coming here, it is very special. >> all of these people are now my family. and so, to be with my family is very comforting. >> for the first time, the ceremony at ground zero did not include comments from elected officials. many of those who attended commented on yesterday's weather which was eerily similar to that of the day of the attacks. just a very somber mood actually. i watched some of this live. and the family members were speaking how much they loved everyone, and one mother said i miss you so much, the kids are going on to college. you would be so proud. tough, fighting back tears when you heard family members. kraudz crowd were smaller than in the past in rural pennsylvania. a few hundred attended a ceremony in shanksville where a united airlines plane crashed on 9/11. vice president biden paying respect to passengers who fought back against the hijackers.
3:34 am
at the pentagon they unfurled a massive american flag over the side of the building before yesterday's ceremony. president obama and the first lady attended laying a wreath to honor the victims. echoing a theme of the day, he seemed to look more forward than back. >> somewhere a son is growing up with his father's eyes and a daughter has her mother's laugh. living reminders that those who died are with us still. the president also claimed that the nation is safer now than before the attacks. and in recognition of the anniversary, both mr. obama and mitt romney pulled their negative ads off of the air yesterday. just -- >> a live picture now of the world trade center. >> uh-huh. >> there you go. >> there it is. that's -- unbelievable sight. >> you have been in new york. and it's hard to really get the gravity of the situation and really empathize if you are not
3:35 am
here -- and i know i have been in the midwest my entire life for the past 11 years. actually being here on the anniversary, very -- it is a totally different feeling. >> no doubt about that. that picture says it all. the two beams of light. where the twin towers were. look at that magnificent, new, world trade center building lit up in red, white and blue. not completely finished yet. just about finished. getting very close. a magnificent building. >> the tallest in the united states. >> tallest building in the united states. that's right. even taller than the building, still sears tower in chicago. i know you know chicago. >> hancock building. >> there you go. >> we can call it the sears. >> the willis. >> what you talking about, willis. >> used to be the second largest, the hancock, the willis. call it sears tower. >> let's just move on. there is no sign of a breakthrough in chicago. teachers strike, enters day three at 350,000 students remaining out of the classroom. the union president says they're miles apart from reaching any agreements. more from abc's alex perez.
3:36 am
>> reporter: union teachers holding strong at the picket line in chicago, refusing to back down. >> we did not start this fight. >> reporter: the fight is about a program that would eventually base as much as 40% of a teacher's evaluation on standardized test scores. a formula that union argues will unfairly cost teachers their jobs. the mayor believes the new measure will help turn around the district's staggering statistics. >> it is about ensuring over a period of time we have a way to raise the quality of the teachers. >> reporter: the numbers are sobering. that statistic for every 100 chicago public school freshmen only 8% get four-year college degrees. while the strike continues, it has been business as usual for 52,000 other chicago public school students. they attend charter schools like uno school, chicago's southwest side. public schools tied to nonprofit
3:37 am
organizations who create their own achievement goals and routinely outperform non charter public schools. why do you feel charter schools are in some ways better than your average public school? >> i think charter schools create an environment of competition. >> cash competition. teachers at uno can earn $8,000 bonus if their students perform well and they do. last year, 100%, that is 107 students went on to college. here, more of the teachers evaluation is based on standardized tests, 50%. and, teachers don't belong to a union. what is the biggest difference between you and a union teacher? >> we aren't protected as far as our -- jobs if we don't perform. >> reporter: which model works? that's the question at the heart of the largest teachers' strike in two decades with no immediate end in sight. alex perez, abc news, chicago. they say only 6 of the 49 articles in the contract have been agreed upon. and the union chief does not expect this to get settled.
3:38 am
>> they're far apart. they got to get the kids back to school for the kids' sake, the parents' sake, they have jobs, no child care. this is really a nightmare. >> i will blame it on working the overnights. the willis, trump tower, the ion, and hancock in chicago. i can't keep track. >> now, world trade, empire state, chrysler, new york. there you go. hot off the press. the parents of hazing victim, robert champion, say they're appalled that florida a & m university is blaming their son for his own death. the school is asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit filed by champion's family. it claims in court that papers that champion, a drum major, should have refused to take part in hazing events. he died last november after going through a gauntlet of kicks and punches, from fellow band members. parts of the southwest underwater this morning after getting hammered by a powerful line of thunderstorms. drivers in las vegas had to be rescued as flash floods nearly swallowed stalled cars.
3:39 am
at times, the rain was coming down at the rate of 2 inches per hour. the storm also triggered delays at the airport. talk about your wednesday weather. another stormy day in the southwest. with the heaviest rain and flooding from phoenix to albuquerque. showers and thunderstorms from denver to green bay. scattered storms along the gulf coast and florida. >> mostly 80s along the east coast. 90s from chicago to dallas. 70s from minneapolis to seattle. chilly in the mid 50s in denver. loving the fall jacket. >> nice and crisp. i like it too. >> uh-huh. some environmental groups in the philippines are using religion in their efforts to protect a precious barrier reef. last weekend they made a unique pilgrimage, 80 feet underwater, to visit a stone statue of virgin mary and baby jesus. >> the statue was put there two years ago as a way of stopping a certain type of fishing that actually uses dynamite. the dynamite can damage the reef. one of six of its kind in the world. >> environmentalists chose the virgin mary because most of the fishermen are catholic and they
3:40 am
think the statue protects the reef from the fishermen. local officials hope it will become a very unique tourist attraction. >> i can see that. >> definitely. >> how clear the water is. my goodness. let's do a story on that. you and me. >> i can't snorkel nor can i scuba dive. >> you can snorkel. everybody can snorkel. >> i could snorkel. >> i'm claustrophobic. i don't want to go underwater i'll let you do that. all of the sharks. >> i'll punch them in the nose. coming up, the wildly popular diet supplement sold with so many promises. separate fact from fiction when it comes to fish oil. >> for the first time, amy copeland talking about the strange disease that took her limbs and threatened her life. you will be amazed by her optimism, coming up next on "world news now." ♪ i'm a survivor >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by hoveround power chair. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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. ♪ doctor,tor ♪ doctor, doctor give me the news ♪ ♪ i got a bad case of loving you ♪ >> feeling very 80s when i hear that. >> feeling good when i hear that. takes me back. >> takes me back to college. >> doctors recommended eating oily fish to keep your heart healthy. many americans skip filets and pop fish oil pills. last year, americans spent more than $8 billion, with a b, on fish oil supplements. as abc's dr. richard besser reports, that may be money down the drain. >> fish oil may support heart health. >> promotes a healthy heart. >> reporter: $740 million, that's how much we spend on them a year. fish oil capsules. containing the substance heart doctors swear by, omega 3 fatty acid. look at the box. the packaging says the capsules support a healthy heart and
3:45 am
reduce coronary heart disease. but that ground breaking new study says the proof is in and fish oil capsules don't deliver on their promise. researchers looked at 20 studies on heart health, almost 70,000 patients altogether and say overall people who took fish oil supplements were no less likely to die from heart disease or stroke than anybody else. in short no proven benefit. >> there are a lot of claims made about diets and supplements that don't have the evidence behind them. >> reporter: but eating fish itself that seems to help. people who eat fish twice a week are less likely to have heart disease and less likely to die from it. it's not clear why getting omega 3 in food and not pills makes a difference. but it looks like it does. one theory, the body absorbs the omega 3 from fish. in a different way. another -- people who eat fish do other healthy things as well. if you are spending your money to take fish oil capsules to protect your heart, it may be better to put that money toward a nice piece of salmon. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> i like me a nice piece of
3:46 am
salmon. >> i do too. >> the study by the american medical association. coming up why british royal watchers believe there could be a new heir on the way. >> baby bump, and tattoo talk, involving chris brown. controversy over his new ink. we will show it to you next in "the skinny." ♪ >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> so the question is to kate middleton and will getting pregnant, it wasn't when, or how long it is going to happen, but it looks like it might be happening now. they knew it would happen shortly. according to "the daily beast" reporting that she turned down a glass of wine. >> a pretty good clue. >> two glasses of wine to be specific. >> why any one would turn down a glass of wine, i have no idea. must be. >> there part of a tour of southeast asia and south pacific. she toasted the queen twice with water. will was drinking. she wasn't. >> kate and will enjoy, they enjoy imbibing. >> they do enjoy wine. when they were engaged they said we want to have a happy family.
3:49 am
most royals are expected to get pregnant within the first year >> why wait? >> they say see may have a baby bump as well. i don't see it. she is tiny. >> you notice she has been wearing looser clothes. >> not really. not really. i don't pay attention to that. she is beautiful. maybe she has the pregnant glow. >> she is a beauty with or without it. >> uh-huh. >> i will guess yes on this one. >> royal bundle of joy. >> royal bundle of joy. >> sure you will send a gift. >> let's talk about chris brown. he got a new tattoo on the side of his neck. the guy really can't win. take a look at it right there -- some people are saying it looks like a bruised version of rihanna's face. that is not the case. of course, i will read you this right here, the rep for brown confirmed to us, abc, the tattoo is not rihanna, apparently, the tattoo is called a sugar skull, and it's associated with the mexican celebration of the day of the dead. and there is actually what the tattoo was taken from. apparently it is peeling right
3:50 am
now not in its final state. the tattoo on his neck is not rihanna and that's good to know. >> not sure i am buying that though. >> i don't know. not the choice i would pick for a tattoo on my neck. >> good music. questionable decisions personally. angelina jolie, a philanthropist, altruist, ben factor, she visi syrian refugees in jordan. apparently 200,000 have fled to jordan. 28,000 in the refugee camp. and she said what is heartbreaking when the syrian people ask why no one is able to find a solution for them. but she is there, on a do-good mission, with the, the u.n., trying to, just encourage them and to gather more information as well. but, she is a good woman. >> good for her. >> always giving back to society. >> let's talk about katie couric, abc's, katie couric, launches her show. huge hit, big winner.
3:51 am
big ratings winner. triumphant return to daytime show, biggest ratings for a syndicated show launch. in a decade. her unveiling tied dr. phil's launch in 2002. there have been 25 daytime talk show debuts since then. katie's is the number one. she won her time slot in the biggest markets of new york and los angeles. and, she outscored steve harvey, by 87%, jeff probst by 150%, and ricki lake by 250%. jessica simpson gets credit there. she was the big star, first episode. she pulled in the viewers. along with katie. congratulations to katie. >> the first time jessica really showed herself, and revealed how much weight she lost since the baby was born. if you have ever wondered what oprah winfrey, 58, if you wonder what she looks like in her 70s. she revealed through instagram, she is playing in this new bio pic, looks at butler of the
3:52 am
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nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. ♪ i'm a survivor ♪ i'm not going to ♪ give up >> we have a story of survival, still in progress involving the fighting spirit of amy copeland. >> flesh-eating bacteria took away so much. she is inspiring so many people. abc's josh elliott found out for himself. >> reporter: one step at a time. this brave, 24-year-old, turned tragedy into triumph. >> whoa! >> reporter: amy copeland making her first public appearance on katie couric's new talk show. >> reporter: do you feel like a miracle? >> i do in a sense. >> reporter: amy's story begins in may when the grad student was zip lining across a river in
3:56 am
georgia, the line snapped in the fall she cut her leg on some rocks. potentially deadly bacteria invaded the wound and almost cost amy her life. she would undergo 11 surgeries and grueling rehabilitation. what's been the hardest thing to relearn? >> there is so much. i think, styling my hair is really complicated. i actually think after i get home, i'm chopping it all off. it's one of those things, it's not even relearning, it's just, it doesn't happen. >> reporter: self pity isn't in amy's vocabulary. do you have "why me?" moments? >> not especially. the thought has crossed my mind. but i don't really tend to think along those terms. you know? it could have happened to anyone. i was in the this situation. so, you know, it's just -- just how the cookie crumbles. >> reporter: prior to our talk i had been told what an
3:57 am
extraordinary and really happy woman amy copeland was. and if anything, that was undersold. she is an utter and absolute light of positivity and hope, and belief. josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> she really is fantastic. so is her family. her mom, dad. just amazing, amazing story. >> she refused to be called disabled. she can do 300 sit-ups on her own. she still has issues brushing her teeth. she can text with her nose. and she says, i love life. it is a beautiful thing. it is all about attitude. 10% of what life gives you. 90%. >> she had to conquer her fear of falling to start on the walking path. that was the biggest challenge for her with walking. she thought she would fall down. she's got it. >> she does. an inspiration to all of us. don't miss our updates, >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:58 am
insomniacs for two decades.
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